1. Any claims for damage must be reported at the time of purchase only, as a company policy we test the product functionality during the time of sales and insist customers to test the product thoroughly for suitability at the time of purchase only.
  2. The customer can report the non-functionality due to technical issues (those covered under warranty) of the product within the specified period stated in the invoice as warranty period, the warranty process are as follows:
  • The customer should always bear the original sales receipts, no warranty will be claimed unless this receipt is produced.
  • The customer knowingly consents that their personal details such as name, contact information, device information (IMEI), password etc. will be shared with service provider or the service provider’s partner after sales center to proceed with repairs.
  • We urge customers to keep the original packing (BOX) of the product during warranty period.
  • The device must be taken to the authorized service center to verify the customer’s claims. The warranty is subject to the technical verification done physically by the authorized personnel. Company has the sole discretion to reject any warranty claims if the device found not covered under warranty.
  • The customer will bear the logistics cost to make the phone available to the authorized aftersales center in case the device found to be out of warranty and customer still insists to send the device for repairs and all non-warranty repairs / change of spare parts will be charged as per the company’s price list.
  • The assigned authorized service centers must resolve the issue or provide the feedback within 14 days as from the date it is delivered and acknowledged by authorized service center.
  • In case the product is beyond repairs and proves to have a manufacturing fault that cannot be resolved leads to either refund or an exchange of that product.
  • The warranty is not applicable on mobile phones accessories including batteries, chargers, cables, and earphones.
  • The customer data on the device will be erased during upgrading of software. User data is highly sensitive and personal matter, and we highly recommend taking backup of your data prior producing the device for repairs.
  • Your device IMEI numbers may change in case the PCB (mother board) of the device is replaced.
  • After sales center reserves the full rights to auction / sell the device to recover the repair costs in case customer fails to collect the device within 30 days.
  1. Gemba Overseas Limited is the distributor / reseller of the brand and represents the manufacturer as a point of sales and handling product and after sales queries only.
  2. No warranty is implied unless expressly stated on invoice in the form of a warranty statement at the bottom right of the invoice and signed by Gemba Overseas Limited for that product.
  3. Warranty shall be avoided if the product is damaged by power surge, lightening, liquid, dust, impact damage or due to any form of misuse or mishandling.
  4. In case of hire purchase warranty claims will only be entered upon full payment of the product or unless approved by the financing partner. After the repair process is complete, please make sure to double check if the installment information is accurate. For further information on installments kindly contact your financing partner.
  5. All goods sold under hire purchase (by financing partner) until paid in full remains the property of Gemba Overseas Limited until paid in full and shall therefore be repossessed in case of default to any of our terms and conditions expressed.
  6. In the event of default of hire purchase payments, all collection charges and associated legal costs shall be borne by the customer including any bank charges on payments such as out-of-town cheque payments, foreign currency money orders or drafts etc.
  7. Kindly call our customer care +260 970000966 for further assistance on warranty claim purposes. You can view your phone being repaired live by using our Gemba app (Download from Android Play store or Apple store).
  8. Always carry your original proof of purchase and original Job card (sheet) to collect your device back.